Soya Chicken


Adi is not in a mood to chew veggies today. It’s one of the days when his teeth is craving for a little more action. But i was on my toes the whole day due to many other commitments and so i thought of making this dish which will not consume much of my time . It’s easy to cook and delicious too. I decided to make ‘Soya chicken”.
Here’s the recipe. This dish is  for you my dear BUSY BEE  READERS  🙂
Serves 4
Prep time – 20 mnts
Chicken pieces – 500 gm
onion – 1 big ( Cut in squares)
Capsicum green – 1 big (Cut in squares)
ginger garlic paste – 1 tbsp
red chilli pdr – 1 tbsp
black pepper pdr – 1/4 tspn
vinegar – 1 tspn
Oil 3 tbsp
salt to taste
Soya sauce – 1 tbspn
Method of cooking
1. Heat the oil in a pan/Kadai . Add chopped onions and saute till the colour turns pink.
2.Now add ginger garlic paste and mix well for 2 minutes. Now it’s time to add red chilli pdr and black pepper pdr.Mix well and cook on high flame for 2 mnts.
3. Now let the chicken pieces and salt go into the pan and mix well. Cook on high flame for about 3 minutes .
4. Add capsicum to the pan and cover the lid.Cook on slow flame for about 10 minutes or until the chicken is cooked well
5. Open the lid and add vinegar . And add soya sauce to the cooked chicken and mix very well on high flame for 2 minutes.
6. The dish is ready. If you want to make it semi gravy, Add cornflour 1 tbsp mixed in 1/2 cup water to the dish. Bring it to boil.
7. Serve hot with steamed white rice.


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