Sweet pongal

Hyderabad celebrated Makar sankranti yesturday. Even though i’m living here for couple of months now, i did not celebrate it in a big way. My kids were enjoying with their friends flying kites as ‘kite festival” is a big event here during Makar sankranti. The same evening, my friend who’s a resident of Bengaluru wished me ” Happy Sankranti”. Even though my friend does not hail from a place where Makar sankranti is celebrated, he still was decribing me about all those dishes people make for this occassion. The kind of description he gave me on this particular dish realy did make my mouth water :). It was sweet pongal. I was inspired enough to try out this dish which is completely new for me. The next step was to search for a good recipe . Finaly i got the recipe too. Seeing the recipe, the first thought which struck me was ” Sweet pongal seems like the sweet sister of “Pal payasam”( A Kerala sweet dish).I made a slight variation by using red rice here as i am a big fan of red rice.You can even use white rice .


So, here is the recipe for you to make Sweet pongal which turned out to be quite a success at first trial only.
red rice – 1 /2 cup ( Put it in the mixer and turn it once to break the rice)
milk – 1/2 litre
water – 1/4 cup
elaichi powder – 1 tspn
ghee – 4 to 5 tbsp ( More ghee…more heavenly)
Cashew nuts – 2 tbsp
Kismis – 1 tbsp
Split yellow moong dal – 2 tbsp
Sugar candy ( Kalkandam/ Misri) – 1/2 cup

Step by step method is given below.
1. I used red rice here ( Brand Nirapara). You can even use India gate brown rice or white rice.Wash the rice and drain out the water.

2. Dry roast the Moong dal on a pan.
3.Add the rice, roasted moong dal, 1/4 cup sugar candy and 2 tbsp sugar into a cooker. Add the milk and water into it. Close the lid and wait for 6 whistles as red rice takes more time to cook compared to white rice.After 6 whistles, cook on low flame for 10 minutes.
4. Now it’s time to open the lid and mash the cooked rice a bit with a spoon.Add the remaining ghee to the pongal now.If you need a little thinner consistency, U may add boiled milk into it.
5. Add the elaichi powder and mix well.
6. Fry cashew nuts and kismis in 1 tspn ghee and pour into the pongal and mix well. Don’t forget to keep some of the cashews aside for garnishing.
7. Enjoy the delicious sweet pongal . Happy Makara Sankranti.DSCN4938


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