Prawn Masala (Chithamma Style)

savour exotic with sari

Now u must be wondering about who or what is chithamma??? Ok, let me tell you. She is none other than my own mom, whose name is Chithralekha but universaly popular as chithamma. History says , i was the one who named her with this cute name. But years later when i look back, i learn that other than me , the kith & kins of her’s have been calling her Chithamma.Including her her own sisters and even many relatives and cousins from my paternal side :).She is a great cook who never had any access to youtube or Sanjeev kapoor at her times. Now even though she has become technologicaly advanced, i salute her for her culinary skills which were totaly based on hit &trials and grandma’s wisdom.So, today i’m gonna make Crab masala, Chithamma style which is spicy and coconut based.The same recipe can be used for Prawn…

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