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Restaurant style Butter chicken (At home)


I don’t think there will be any one in this country who has never tasted Butter chicken. You end up in a restaurant where the dishes have peculiar names and you are sweating to understand, Your friend says, “chordo yaar, Butter chicken order kar le”. 😉 Your friend is pretty sure that nothing can ever go wrong with this delicious dish and he even knows that it is a 100% value for money decision.Every foodie who is reading this please look back to your initial food expeditions, and come back to me if you can’t remember those days where you ended up ordering for Butter chicken after reading the confusing menu card.

Needless to say, even I’m a big fan of “Butter chicken”. My favourite Butter chicken hails from Moti mahal chain of restaurants. There is something heavenly about the taste of their Butter chicken. But as you all know, every one has secrets. 😉 and I don’t think Moti mahal is gonna share it’s secret with me. So, I had been experimenting on quite a few recipes to get a closest taste of their butter chicken in my kitchen. And yeahh…Finally! Thanks to Vahchef.
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Cuisine         Indian

Serves           3

Preparation time    40 minutes
Chicken pieces – 500 gms
curd- 1 cup
kasuri methi/dried fenu greek leaves- 2 pinches
lemon juice – of half lemon
Kashmiri red chilly pdr – 1 tbsp
Normal red chilly pdr – 1/2 tbsp
garam masala – 1 tsp
sugar – 1 tbsp
Butter – 4 to 5 tbsp
fresh cream – 3 tbsp
tomatoes – 3 medium sized
maida/all purpose flour – 1 tbsp
Cashew nuts – 10 nos
Onion – 1 big ( slice and fry till golden brown and crush using hands)

3 Main steps
1. Marinating and then cooking chicken pieces.
2. Preparing the sauce /gravy.
3. Mixing chicken and gravy together

How to marinate chicken?
In a big bowl, add chicken pieces along with yogurt,salt,red chilli powder and lemon juice.Mix very well with your hands and leave it for marination for atleast 2 hours.Grill the chicken or deep fry in butter and keep aside.

How to make gravy?
1.Take a large bowl and mix all the ingredients like ginger garlic paste, cumin powder,coriander powder,dried fenu greek leaves,fried onions crushed in hands,sugar,salt and some water to make a paste.Keep aside.
2. Leave whole tomatoes in hot water for 10 minutes. Deseed and take out the skin. Make a puree of this using mixie.Grind cashewnuts using some milk and keep aside.
3.Heat some butter in a pan and add one table spoon maida into it. Saute to get a golden brown. Immediately add the masala from the bowl into the kadai. Saute on medium flame for about 6 minutes. Now add the tomato puree and mix very well. Cover with a lid and cook for 15 to 20 minutes with occasional stirring.Once the butter seperates in the gravy, add sugar and salt to balance the taste as per your taste.Mix very well.Now it’s time to add the chicken pieces which are already grilled or deep fried . Mix well and cook again for 5 minutes.
4. Now add the fresh cream and stir gently. Switch off the flame. The more sinful , the more tastier. So add a little more extra butter now if u like.
Serve hot with Naan or Kulcha.

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You may even like Grilled chicken recipes in different spices. Hyderabadi Dum chicken is from the Nizam’s cuisine.

By sarithakumbakkara

Hii, I'm Saritha who is finding it extremely difficult to write a paragraph about myself . I have already written few lines and deleted them too as some where i was sounding a bit underconfident or some times a bit too boasty. I don't like to be either of them as i believe that finding a balance between the above mentioned is the blissful state of mind which i always would prefer to be in.I am trying my best here to give you a clear idea about myself ;)
I belong to God's own country, Kerala and i am a big fan of the cuisine of the state . Professionally i'm a mentor of young minds . As i am married to an Indian air force Pilot, i had been living in various parts of the country. I would love to call myself and my hubby as avid travellers as that's one thing which thrills me and lifts up my mood drastically from 'being balanced yet a little boring ' to 'extremely enthusisatic'.I have two sons (a deadly combination to handle) Aditya 13 and Aarush 7 who are choosy in eating like most of the kids. I love my travels and it gives me amble exposure to taste various cuisines within and outside the country. Socializing and parties have always been a part of our Airforce life and who would not like to see the smile on your guest's face after tasting your food. That's how i started cooking and tasting and experimenting.I had seen he days where i found" breaking an egg without creating a mess" as my life's biggest challenge.(lol ;) ).But past few years in cooking has made me realise that it isn't Rocket science.
List of people who can make use of my blog
1. Newly married brides who are struggling with masalas and utensils.
2. Any one who wants to try out something new and exceptional . ( i knw i knw, here i'm a littlt boasty)
3.Bachelor / forced bachelor boys who has developed acidity due to over indulgence in restaurants .Now it's time to cook a meal for yourselves guys. As i said, it's not rocket science.
4. Any one who loves me . Muah....
Go Ahead.... Try out my recipes and Enjoyyyy....

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