Pradhaman ( Authentic kerala Yellow lentils dessert)

Kerala Pradhaman

savour exotic with sari

Festivals bring in a lot of beautiful memories into my mind. I feel that no matter how old you become, the festivals bring back your childhood memories and nostalgic feelings to your mind. If I introspect , I would not think twice before putting myself under the category of insecure and introvert kids. Things change with time.:) Even now, Onam and Vishu brings back the vague mind of that kid to me. Now I am able to embrace that kid with a grown up, confident inner self . I think this technique of comforting your aches and hurts of mind as a mature self of the same childhood soul/mind works well. It brings harmony and happiness to my mind . 🙂 Food plays a big role in the formation of your memories. Pradhaman is that one taste/flavour which connects me to my childhood and aromas have a memories.The aroma of this dessert instantly…

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